How to change spell using Hotbar

Swainy 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Francisco Jab 2 months ago 3


First of all, excellent asset. I kick myself that I hadn't discovered it sooner. 

I've been playing around with the asset and so far everything has worked perfectly. That is until I incorperated a hotbar and different spells.

So my plan is to have one wand weapon fire different spells based on the equipped hotbar slot. What is the best practice to do this? 

I am recycling the same wand GameObject for each spell, but I can't seem to find a way that allows me to change the Ammo (Shooter V0.1.7). Nor can I think of a viable solution once I incorperate a mulitude of other spells.

At the moment I have two separate triggers for a fireball spell and a lightning spell. They are set to onEquip the current spell and deactiveate/ unequip the other.

I can equip both fine individually, but the actions I set to unequip/ deactivate the other don't work and I always end up with the first equipped spell even if the other is equipped in the Inventory UI (V1.1.1)

I might be missing something really simple but if anyone can shed some light, it would be much appreciated! 


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Thanks for your kind words :-) Not sure I fully understood the question, but the idea is to be able to change the ammo of your wand, right? In order to throw bolts and fireballs.

This would require the Action "Change Ammo", which I just checked and indeed, is a missing feature which I'm adding to the ticket list for the next update. You should be able to use two items "Bolt Shard" and "Fire Shard" for example, and use these in your Hotbar. In the Consume actions list of each item, all you'll have to do is to use the upcoming "Change Ammo" so the ammo used is the one selected from the hotbar.


I understand now that it was a very long winded way of asking what I wanted! But you answered it anyway, I’ll keep an eye out for the update! :)

Thank you! 

How many time for next update. This adding is really interesting for me too.