Move camera like a pivot? + control the character head

Dornano 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 5 months ago 2

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for this great tool !

I would like to know if I can use the right stick of a gamepad to control the camera like in this video (from 5:30):

When the player push the stick up, the camera looks upside whithout moving. The character head also look upside, and so does his flashlight.

Same when the player push the stick to the right, camera look to the right but stays where it is (no rotating around the player).

I thought the Adventure camera would be a good working base, but maybe I'm wrong.

Do you know how I can do such a thing? If possible, with the head + flashlight orientation also?

Thanks again, and take care !

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This would require to pan the camera by a certain amount based on the movement of the cursor/joystick. This effect could be easily achieved by setting the target of the "Fixed Camera" as an invisible object set as a child of the Player and move this object using the cursor's delta movement.

However, this last part is not currently possible without using a custom Action.

Oh ok, the invisible object trick is a good idea ! Thanks !

But create a custom Action and so on, it's too difficult for me ^^;; I will try to find another way