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Honestly I feel like the product is misrepresenting it's accessibly and user friendlessness. The core Game Creator is fine but with each plugin it stops being easy to use. Game Creator, Inventory, Melee, Dialogue, Behaviors. Refund it all. 
Also, when your giving customers support, try giving more advice then "use the example scenes" that have nothing useful in them.
All 3 invoices are attached to this. Thanks. In the future, when this product is actually ready for release, I might check it out again.

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Sorry to hear you've had a poor experience. Not sure when I answered your question and advised you to check the example scenes, but without any context it's hard to tell. But as you can see in this forum, there are plenty of user questions being properly addressed However, we receive dozens of them every day, with each user having a completely different question, and we can't dedicate entire days to answering them.

If we advised you to check out the examples, is probably because the examples already implement the solution.

Process My request, thanks.

Sorry but we can't do that without a valid claim. You are welcome though to tell us what problem you're having so we can help you figure out a solution

I just told you my valid claim. This product is not what it is made out to be. Hell, anything beyond dialogue is a buggy mess that is frustratingly hard to even get the most simple features to work with your other plugins. You don't think that's a valid claim?


Hi There,

I am a GC user, I am an artist with a Bachelor on Game Development, however, coding has always been a pain to me, my coding knowledge is extremely basic and I graduated with just a PASS on coding and C# units. I really dislike programming. I purchased GC so I could quickly prototype my ideas and test them out before spending resources recruiting a team. I understand we are all different and some take longer than others to get the hang of things, I can't speak for you, but I clearly see you had a different experience than other users had, including myself. Because I really found myself creating an entire  MVP in a week, while the programmer I often work with, was working on a very similar prototype with a lot of the same mechanics for 3 MONTHS, and guess what? I not only had heaps of fun, but I also got a bust of confidence, and the best part: My results were way better than the programmer's.

So how do we explain that? I could either be a genius and not know it yet, or it could be that the tool is extremely user friendly, and the developer offers tutorials and support through several platforms such as this page, youtube, discord, etc; 
But on a second thought, I guess I rather believe I am a genius. I blame human nature; we believe in what we have to believe to get by. 

I apologise for my passive aggression, but I am only human and have a lot of flaws. As an independent artist/developer I struggle every day, with time, money, pressure and keeping my anxiety and mental health on check. All of this, to try and get where Marti is heading; To create something that matters, something that makes a difference!

Now imagine that after years upon years of hard work creating a tool to help people achieve their goals faster, MUCH CHEAPER, and that gives you the opportunity to get advice from super qualified professionals (take as an example, DR. Pivec, which you were very quick to judge "ignorant with his response"), someone comes at you with a strong attitude, claiming "your product suck cuz I couldn't figure it out", what would you do? Say: "here take your money back and keep freely using and enjoying ALL the tools I have spent years of my life developing?". You have to understand that there are a lot of opportunist people out there, so that would probably explain any policy regarding refunds that he might have in place to protect his hard work. 

 I don't know about you but I would invest 60 dollars just to spend 10 minutes with these guys and learn from them, let alone having the opportunity to get unlimited advice and support from the developer and the community on discord.

Take a step back and reconsider giving it another go with an open mind. You might just need to look at it from another perspective.

We could all be wrong and you be right, but again we believe in what we believe.

I wish you the best of luck and success! And I truly hope you give it another chance, it is worth it!



i am just another user of game creator, but I want to explain for your situation. I think game creator is the tool for productivity. It doesnt mean game creator is the magic wand to get what you want. Of course GC has some bugs, think about the another situation which you make codes for all of what you needs by yourself. You needs to spend a lot of time to write codes and spend another a lot of times for checking your codes and game logics for debugging. Even if you try to make simple game, Game Creator can save times almost 1~3 weeks (or months) to make core of game.

You made complains about unfriendly UI, and guidelines. But you need to understand the reason of the difficulties which you suffered is not GC. The difficulties of making 3d game is the reason.

If you want to find easier ways, maybe, templates of the genres which you want can be one of the answers. But the usage the template without understanding mechanisms is just simple works to change names, models, and add some items. According to your complaint, you seems as beginner of game developing. 

Try to research about examples and read it's offical documents to understand basic mechanisms of Fame Creator and Unity Engine. Especially the codes working in the backgrounds. It might be helpful to learn ways of the game programming.


Actually you are 100% ignorant with your response. I have built my own foundation before this. Everything GC offers and more I have coded myself. So no, my ignorance of the subject isn't the issue. Inventory system, combat, equipment, movement, dialogue, etc. All done by my own coding. 
I only looked at GC because of it's self described ease of use, lack of coding knowledge needed (it literally claims 0 coding knowledge needed FYI) and what looked to be a friendly support. 


I'm confused. If you have built your own foundation as you say, for inventory, combat, equipment, movement, dialogue, and to do everything GC does, why did you purchase GC in the first place? (and it does state in many places "No Refunds", which is common place for code assets). 

As for your claims, they are not justified. There are some 1,200 happy users of GC on discord, and probably many more who haven't join the channel. GC works extremely well for the novice, and there are also many experienced coders (as you  claim to be) who also use it to reduce their development time. 

Marti, and many more experience Users give heaps of advice daily on the Discord channel, and here on the support page. However, sometimes it is better if the newbies watch the tutorials, and look at the example scene first. Many of the queries are lack of Unity experience and not a GC issue.

I host several workshops at conferences using Game Creator. At the end of the session, attendees have created a game, and they have Zero coding experience. So the claim of zero coding knowledge is also correct. 

There will be many more users that will also be more than happy to relate their appreciation of GC and the Developer. So I kindly suggest that you don't flame everyone and get back to doing whatever it is that you do.

Seriously? When I asked how to get the melee and inventory modules to work together, they literally said I had to write my own coding to do it, luckily a random user had already did this. If no coding is required then why did they literally tell me I had to create my own coding to make their 2 modules work together? Your full of shit.
And for the reason I downloaded it in the first place, well oddly its for the same reason you state before trying to cast doubt on my statement. To ease my development time and speed it up. Highly comical of you to try and discredit my complaint in such an asinine way.
Honestly, as this isn't going anymore and I only made my complaint and left it at that, I really have to question who is flaming who? Also, in GC own remarks back they tried to say they never said look at the tutorial scenes then literally said to do just that, the exact thing I addressed in my comments. The scenes suck. Literally, they are terribly done and you could literally create your own which better performance by watching a youtube tutorial, literally.

Also, when somewhere states No Refunds, you should immediately be on alert about it's quality, and sadly, I got suckered in with this crap.


I wasnt a brilliant coder before i got GC, did get a number of templaytes from the store but it can be a pain using someone else's code. GC did make it easier for me to prototype and then move on to develop my game and there are a lot of people who will tell you the same. GC has a very friendly community who help on discord. Personally i think your approach is a lil out of order. But you dont have to listen to me.


Normally I don't reply to stuff like this, as I personally experienced things aren't always what they seemed to be with plenty of assets. 

This however, seems unlikely mate. You claim you've been able to code everything GC offers yourself, yet buy it. That's weird. Why spend so much money if you already have it. Anyway, even if we leave that aside. 

If you're that smart, because I'm definitely not, you should be able to figure out how to get melee and inventory working together. Cause I'm not a brilliant coder, but it took a couple of tries to figure out over coffee.

Support is friendly and quick, better than I've experienced generally, so something seems off.


Another unsatisfied user who was hoping to buy a magic wand. Game Creator providing the high-level tools for make your game, as well as the modules which are integrated with Game Creator core. Nobody told you that the modules integrated each other.

What I managed to do with GC and modules...
1) Foot step system with the tags detecting. Asset Store provides only the solution only with texture detecting which isn't good.
2) Custom Save / Load system which costs $35+ in AssetStore.
3) Integration of Shooter, Melee and Inventory (yes I did it already just using Event system and by the way are you even try this?)
4) Integration of many 3rd party assets like HUD Navigation System, Azure Dynamic SkyBox, Weather Maker etc.
5) Custom actions intended to get of physics parameters of objects like velocity, acceleration etc (ten custom strings of code).

The source of the problems of many users is the lack of common programming skills regardless of used game engine or programming language. If you bought a hammer and nails, but generally don't know how to hammer nails it isn't the problem of tool shop. At the same time, I can’t believe that you belong to the category of unskilled users, given that you have already developed your own systems.


Broken Cutlass - You appear have a strong vision to create a great game. You also appear to have invested a lot of time and money to bring that vision to reality. 

From GC's description, videos, docs and reviews, it would be easy to get the impression that GC would speed up your development time. What was found instead was a learning curve to figure out how to wire all its modules together, which actually slows development down. Other game assets previously bought or built may not easily work within GC, which is a ton of more lost time. Feeling frustrated and ripped off is completely understandable.

I don't know if this is accurate for you or more a reflection of my own emotions as I'm climbing up yet another asset learning curve with GC. Playmaker, Invector, Game Kit Controller, Core Game Kit, iCode are just a few of learning curves I've invested months into only to find a brick wall waiting for me between what I have working and what my vision is.

Maybe GC has its own brick wall that I have not found yet, but here is why GC I've picked it to rebuild my game foundational code on:

  • Importing a character model in GC is amazing. Just drag and drop and 95% of features just work. Invector is the next best I've seen, but they have many more steps instead of just one.
  • The community is supportive, active, friendly and knows stuff. The thread above shows their commitment to GC.
  • Marti is one of the most amazing game developers I've personally encountered in my long career. The design and scope of GC is simple and brilliant. The GC code I've read so far is understandable, well commented and doesn't look hacked, but well crafted and high quality. 
  • Marti has a strong sense of design, a clear writer and a good animator, which you can see in his documentation, videos and the custom melee fighting anims. He has a great attention to detail.
  • Marti is personally responding to all the feedback, questions and issues in this support forum. He doesn't immediately deliver everything I want the next day or always agree my request is a good idea, because he sets his own priorities and makes his own decisions for his project. Otherwise GC would not have its crisp vision.
  • The overall design gives my hope that any brick wall I run into with GC I can knock down all by myself. It is straight forward to write custom triggers and actions, which gives fast access to hundreds of features without having to spend hours googling how to get the interface just right. With this, I can port over my own custom C# as needed or write new code.
  • It is bleeding edge technology. That comes with occasional gapping holes in the road, but the roadmap ahead has significant new features.

The frustration, disappointment and learning curves are very real. But these are built into the quest we are all on as indie game devs. You are passionate, have a lot of experience and appear to be on a similar journey as the rest of us. Join us on the adventure up this crazy steep hill.


Broken Cutlass – There is not one system out there that will make your game for you.

But GC gets pretty dam close to doing that.

Don’t try throwing the brick wall at the stone. Rather try first at throwing the stone at the brick wall and work your way up with bigger stones.

Btw. Nice to know you can program, maybe you could learn GC and contribute to the Game Creator Hub and help your fellow non-programmers.


“When I asked how to get the melee and inventory modules to work together, they literally said I had to write my own coding to do it, luckily a random user had already did this.”

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to write custom code to integrate the melee and inventory module. This is an RVR tutorial on how to do it (if you haven’t seen it):

I do not speak for the Game Creator team, but I can tell you why I, as a fellow asset developer, don’t give refunds either. Once the asset is downloaded, there is no way to return it. There are many tutorials, demos, and documentation pages available to help inform potential buyers before they purchase my asset - as there are for the official Game Creator assets.

I hope you reconsider and use Game Creator in your project. Feel free to contact me on Discord (@FireChicken) if I can help you with anything.


Thank you everyone for coming forward. I really appreciate it. However, let's put a hold on this thread :-) Everyone has a different experience using Game Creator and for whatever reason, for some users it doesn't click.