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Saving Variables issue

IndieGameHustle 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 5


I am trying to save game variables like strings and Numbers. They save correctly when the game is running however

When I create a test build and I start the game, the game is saving but its not displaying the variables I set.

When I end the game, and reopen the exe. I go to the load game menu. If I click on the load game button it will load the game profile as needed however I also set up some variables to display saved information like time and place but they are not displaying when the game first starts. But if I return to the Main menu and then go to the Load menu it works as expected.

Is their a way to get the data from the saved variables on game start so they will display? I have them marked as saved.

I have a Load Game Menu displaying Game time, lvl area name etc.
Its hard to explain but let me know if you need a video.


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I was thinking, is there a way to load the game data without loading the actual scene? Not sure if there a action for that. 

That I think ( tell me if I'm way off ) will allow my Load Button to get the information it needs to display. 

To add I saw the option to turn off scenes ( it almost worked ) in the general tab however there is error regarding inventory not being destroyed. So I can Load the profile and the data is there but after coming back into the main menu those errors pop up. 

Not sure what they mean, just providing as much as i can let me know if there as fix for this.

Maybe to keep it simple, Is it possible make a action : 

  1. That does not load the scene and only Adds the Data from a Profile specified?

I know what you're talking about but I'm myself unable to help you sorry. However if you ever find out how to make it work please share it or make a video about loading, as it's something I'll also require in the future.

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When you start the game, its values are as they are in the Editor, without any changes made at runtime. You need to call the "Load Game" in order to bring those changes.

I agree that it's not idea, since for example, the saved settings (like, changing mouse sensitivity or any general settings), it not possible at the moment. This is something that is under review, but for now, all values are stored inside a profile and only one profile can be active at a time.