stop shooting and start shooting

Syed Suhaib Zubair 5 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 3

is there a way to stop weapon shoot? i want that if i have gun in my hand and i open the Inventory UI and click anywhere it fire bullet once and then drop the weapon. But what i want is that when i am in inventory UI area it should not fire at all. but when i am outside the area of Inventory UI it can fire. will it be possible to do that with any trigger?

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You can use the Character Property action to disable the "Is Controllable" property of the player. This will disable any further shooting until it's enabled back.

Is Contrallable Property completely block the player from moving. i only want not to shoot when inventory open. Well there should be an option in shooter. start shooting and stop shooting or start fire or stop fire. This kind of feature is helpful when you not want to fire our friend and only to enemy.. Hope you can understand what i am trying to say..


I think I understand. You can use a bool Local or Global Variable to do this. Simply check if the "can-shoot" (or any name you want) is true when shooting before actually taking the shot. When opening the inventory, set that value to false.

Another option is to automatically stop aiming when opening the inventory.