Can't control player after installing "Input System"

CJWorkshop 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 5 months ago 7


I just tried installing the new "input system package" in unity only to find after on these forums that game creator does not support it. So I uninstalled the package, restarted the project and now the player does not move from button presses and does not react to gravity. Is there a way I can fix this? and have the character return to the default input package? Thanks.

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Never mind. I fixed it. I had to change the players input settings back to the default input package.


Never mind. I fixed it. I had to change the players input settings back to the default input package.

GC does not yet support gamepad or input system, which is really unacceptable.I hope to add this in the next version, don't worry that everyone is waiting for this.

The new Input System was released production-ready 6 days ago. Game Creator has all code adapted to the current system (called Input Manager), which has been battle tested for more than 10 years and is not going anywhere. On top of that, it's tightly coupled with the ecosystem.

On the other hand, the new Input System is not enabled by default, and we'd require to move Game Creator into Unity's package manager (which cannot be done at the moment) to add the necessary dependencies. Otherwise, installing Game Creator would throw a bunch of errors, which Unity doesn't allow for Asset Store packages. These should work out of the box after installing them.

The problems of adding the Input System are not small and require big undertakes, which are not our top priority.

Is it not possible to have the keyboard and Xbox controller to both perform an action for the player? Or is it possible to swap between two seperate player controller profiles? 

I'm creating a platformer, so people would likely prefer to use the Xbox controller to move the player, but I don't want to eliminate the possibility of playing with keyboard and mouse.

As long as it's single player the standard (old) input manager handles input from both gamepad and keyboard just fine. You just need to bind the different axis/buttons to the same input manager axis name (Project Settings>Input Manager). It's a small hassle setting up, but doable, and requires no coding.

Thanks. I have made some progress now, but is it possible to switch the player to different control presets?