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Conflict with "Rigidbody" of Unity Engine and "Character"of Game Creator (especially in Behavior)

JOON 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 2

I think it is simple and small bug, but anyway it is bug

for Navi Mesh Agent, I need to add "Rigid body" to Path-Finding Algorithm of Navigation Package in UnityEngine. unfortunately, Game Creator has its own Gravity algorithm (at "UpdateRootMovement" method of "ILocomotionSystem" class). because of this, if someone "sets" to use "gravity" options in the both (Character) and "rigidbody", the transform position will be keep falling even the character on the ground! the reason of this bug is very simple, because "rigidbody" and "Character" calculate "gravity" at same moment.

the simple solution of this problem is just "uncheck" gravity of "rigidbody", but I think it is not absolute solution. Game Mechanisms must be integrated for Game developers. I wish GC2.0 will make locomotion logics based on rigid body

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Ahhhh I forgot something to write.

becasue of this simple bugs, when developer makes mistake to use both "gravities" (actually "checked" is default value for both). the real position is keep falling even the character model on the ground. so when PerceptronSight makes ray to check character can see "player" or "not". few seconds later, it keep watching underground of player character.

fortunately, GC keep adjusting the position to make it correct, so you can't notify easily until you draw Line or draw rays or make log the position.

By Design

GC Characters do not support rigidbodies. This is something we look forward to adding in GC 2, but the current version has already enough driving systems in place (character controller and navigation mesh agent).

I'd highly discourage from attaching a Rigidbody to the character, since one is kinematically controlled and the rigidbody obeys the physics engine laws, which will fight each other's transform.