Some 3D models have problems creating characters or players.

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Some 3D models have problems creating characters or players. After the Sci-fi Shebot character model is created ... running in the editor, the character script is inexplicably unchecked, resulting in the character being unable to move, and the character model can be moved after I check the character script Some non-character models ... like rhino models ... and robot models have problems, these models can not play character animation in the behavior tree, you can see my screenshot, I do n’t know if this is a bug, But I think this problem is very serious, which causes many character models to be unusable.The humanoid model almost does not have this problem.These problems appear on non-humanoid models.I still have many models that have not been tested.I don't know how many models can't play the model. Bring your own skeleton animation. I hope you can solve this problem in the next version. The current GC does not support universal models. For details, you can see my screenshot.

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Your reply did not help me, the problem has always been, I just want to know how to play the skeleton animation that comes with the 3D model. The animation that writes the 3D model can only be played once, and it stops after playing. I need help, but No one helped me solve this problem.

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I think that the GC animations are only intended for humanoids, for non-humanoids you'll have to find a different way to animate them or do it yourself.

Indeed, as you said, GC does have problems in this area. Unfortunately, many very good models were originally unusable. What a pity, I hope that the developers of GC can solve this problem. I had to buy more humanoid AI to develop games.

I also have problems with a character (humanoid)

this one has always worked, but since one of the last updates it is always distorted in play mode:

(I got it from Mixamo.com)

But I have only tested 3 models .... I had no problems with the other two (not from Mixamo.com).


I can only hope that the developers of GC can solve this problem in the next version.


This is not a GC problem per-se. All we do is we retarget the bones of a 3D model so they are compatible with our character system. Of course, each humanoid has different shoulder sizes, different perfect-idle poses, which should be adjusted using custom animations. However, GC's animation usually work out of the box fairly well to get started. But if the humanoid has missing bones or has some strange configuration, there's little we can do.

Non-humanoids, however, are a complete different kind. The problem with the Character's checkbox being unchecked is very strange, and seems to come from somewhere else. The 3D model do not affect component values.

This reply makes it difficult for me to accept. We spent more money on GC and GC modules. I bought almost all the GC modules. In the future, I will buy melee modules, but I found that the GC's AI is only a semi-finished product. He is not a general-purpose AI, does not support non-humanoid models, only supports humanoid AI, and you will be unhappy when you know this. It costs more money but it is a semi-finished product. Hope you can solve these problems in future versions These problems have not been solved.It is estimated that many people will not choose GC2.0 and GC2.0 modules in the future.

Sorry you feel this way, but this is not a GC problem. Behavior works with any model, humanoid or not. The Actions related to characters only work with Game Creator characters, which are specifically designed to work with Humanoids. However, you can still use non-humanoid, but you won't get features specifically designed for humanoids (such as Foot IK, Head rotation and so).

On top of that, we cannot provide animations for all sort of animals. If you use a 3D model that is a cat, for example, you'll need to provide the necessary animations to move a cat.

I want to know how to play the animations that come with non-humanoid AI. I tried many models and almost couldn't play them. I now use character state to play 3D model animations, but only humanoid models can play animations ... I just wanted to Knowing how to solve this problem, I need help, I hope you can help me. There are many people who have reacted to this problem with GC.

I am able to play my own animations on my own "generic" models fine with the behavior module. I simply use a character gesture when needed.

Does this not work for you?

sadly, there is no way to know how many legs none-humanoid model has and which bones are legs of him. it means the locomotion animator can't be working well with none-homanoid models. it means you need to prepare your own Animator by yourself or you need to modify prepared animators of each models which the asset-seller offered to make it fitable to use with GC's Locomotion.

you can see which variables can be used as thresholder for each nodes. 

However, I found there is "Locomotion.override.Controller". maybe it can help you to solve your problem. I wish it can solve your problem.