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How to read VariablesManager.GetListItem

francisco chong 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 4 months ago 5

Hi I'm trying to iterate a ListVariable and Assign the contest to a c# list just for testing.

the ListVariable im iterating has gameobject references in it.

List list = new List { };

for(int i=0; i<6; i++)
list.Add(VariablesManager.GetListItem(characterGOs, ListVariables.Position.Index, i));

this obviously doesn't work, I would like to know how do i extract the gameObject from the GetListItem method



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Hi Francisco. You're doing it right. If you're not getting the game object, probably means that the object "characterGOs" is not the one with the List Variable component.


Marti - for list vars it appears Variable.Get() is not getting called. Instead of the value it appears the entire Variable object is getting returned instead.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a game object with a local var named "Locals Only" and a list var, both with type string (other types have same issue but are harder to debug). Set initial value for local to "Initial Local var Value" and index 0 to "Initial first in list value"

2) Create another game object and put this code on it: 

 public GameObject objSpawnId;
 private void Start() {
Debug.Log("Player Manager Start");

public void TestLocalStrings() {
object result = VariablesManager.GetLocal(objSpawnId, "LocalsOnly");
Debug.Log("PlayerManager TestLocals value = " + result);

public void TestListVarString() {
object result = VariablesManager.GetListItem(objSpawnId, ListVariables.Position.First);
Debug.Log("PlayerManager TestListVars value = " + result);}

3) Drag the first game object into objSpawnId and run.

4) On Variable.cs line 86 add:  Debug.Log("In Variable Get for name = "+ this.name);

5) Results: Notice Get is called for local, but not for list vars (which don't have name, but the debug log should still display).

Additional note: 

Change the list var type from string to float and casting the result (as shown example in https://docs.gamecreator.io/game-creator/systems/game-creator-api/variables-access), works for local vars but throws a run time error for list vars: InvalidCastException: Specific cast is not valid. 

Strings and GameObjects are not strictly typed like floats, so no run time errors are thrown. 

    Hi, GameUX

    maybe, I can give some code to help you

    This is whats happening to me also.

    Now im trying to get a Sprite list which I am not able to.

    InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.

    var q = VariablesManager.GetListItem(questionImagesList, ListVariables.Position.Current); VariablesManager.SetLocal(questionImage, "spriteData", q);

    the local variable script is attached to "questionImage" with the name "spriteData" setup as Sprite type.
    questionImagesList is the gameObject with the ListVariables component with a list of Sprites.

    Edit: adding .Get<Sprite>() at the end of line 1 fixed the issue
    var q = VariablesManager.GetListItem(questionImagesList, ListVariables.Position.Current).Get<Sprite>();

    Thanks @JOON