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How to setup Enemy to shoot bow and hit player with arrow?

GameUX 5 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 3

Starting with Shooter Example 6, I changed the enemy's Add ammo to arrows and Draw to Bow in Trigger Start actions. The enemy aims the bow, but does not draw the bow, no arrows appear and the player is never hit. Please advise on what I'm missing in setup.

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Nothing further should be done. Are you sure the enemy has enough "arrow" bullets? If you're using the demo example, try modifying the "On Start" Trigger and add some arrows for the enemy to shoot (sing the Add Ammo Action).

Enemy on start had arrows, but no arrows fired at player. Please see Shooter Discord for details. I'm able to get simple arrows (not trajectory and not charged) to work. 1) Getting an NPC to hit the player using a trajectory is fairly tricky, has this been verified to work? 2) Getting an NPC to use charged ammo (arrows or grenade) is also tricky, has this been verified to work?

For charged shots, should be the same process as for the player: You charge the short, wait a few seconds and release it. I can't really check the Discord, since there are +200 messages at the moment (that's one of the reasons I prefer to keep track of support questions in a forum, since it's easier to keep track of them).

As for aiming using a trajectory, I agree. It has to do more with maths than GC itself, but would be nice if the pitch of the weapon could be automatically calculated based on the distance to the target and gravity of the bullet. It's not top priority at the moment, but I'll look into it.