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I am using the Shooter add on and its great but is there any way to add an impact, if i shoot the wall can i get a bullet hole decal. or if i shoot the AI small blood effects on top of the impact particle effect ?  

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Use the Trigger "On Receive Shot" to instantiate blood/sparks depending on the object being impacted.

Sorry, it's a little bit confusing for me. For example, I have a zombie ai characters and show a blood split impact effect on them where I aim it. and I have stones and show a stone impact effect. Where do I need to apply the Trigger "On Receive Shot"? I made several impact effects, and I don't know how can I use it. Can you please explain a bit more specifically? 

I applied a trigger to the character, but still can't see any impact effect.


I'm assuming your zombie is a Game Creator character. You'll need to attach the Trigger "On Receive Shot" at the root of the character. You can use a Debug Log action to print a message on the console to check that the Trigger does indeed work. Once you do so, you can start subtracting health from the enemy and create the logic behind behind shot.

It should be noted that the impact of a weapon has its own dedicated field in the Ammo asset. Placing holes on walls will require using decals, which I'm not certain it's supported in URP. 

As for blood effects, you're right that's a bit difficult. I'm opening a ticket to add a new option under the "On Receive Shot" Trigger so it is stored the position of the impact. That way, you'll be able to choose a Local Variable and query that value when instantiating the blood effect.



Is there any ETA on this?


Not sure but would something like this be helpful? It requires buying Real Blood on the UAS though.

Check the video's comments for the code for the action. It unfortunately doesn't store the position of impact so I'm looking forward to that, too. :)