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Buying Ammo from Merchant UI

Rahul 5 months ago in Inventory updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 3


I would like to make my player buy ammo from the Merchant UI.

I have set up an item like bullet.

but how do i map these bullets to a variable to each time i buy this my bullets for revolver should also increase.

The flow would be : -

1. Open merchant shop

2.buy bullets for revolver

3.increase the ammo of revolver with qtys purchased.

I tried to see if can find a trigger / action to fetch a particular item number,in this case, bullets, in my inventory, but was unable to find so.

Is there any other way  we can do this? 

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I also tried similar things to purchse ammo from merchant to keep. at the first, I considered to integrate "item" and "ammo" directly like what you want. but I couldn't find any good way to use

so I considered another way to buy & keep ammo from merchant, so I made "ammo pack" instead of "ammo", it is kind of consumable item like portion, and when you use "ammo pack" in your inventory, it can add some ammo into your ammo holder of weapons by using Action

maybe concept of ammo pack can help you to make what you want, I hope it

Yeh i did the same thing, u can consume the ammos from your inventory to add to your ammo, but i think if we have an event on purchase , then the things get simple. There can be an event onPruchase and OnSold for merchant UI.

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Could be interesting. I'm opening a ticket and see if it's possible to add a "On Buy" Trigger and a "On Sell" Trigger. Cheers!