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Tween Camera Crash

Jacob Falling 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 5 months ago 3


I am experiencing a crash when applying a Quad In Out easing on a tween camera motor.

In one instance there was no error produced, and in the second instance "VirtualAlloc Remapping Failed." The CTD was also preceded in both cases with a crash of other running programs. Spotify was apparently so upset with the Unity crash that it also refused to go on.

In both instances the tween camera seemed to corrupt. After reloading the scene, while the inspector values were correct, the values no longer applied correctly in Play mode. This was only fixed by recreating the cameras with identical values.

Thank you!

Unity version:
2018.4 LTS
Game Creator version:

Quick Update...

This crash is now occurring regardless of the easing setting, and with a more detailed crash error:

The tween camera seems to be creating a memory leak.

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I'm not sure this has to do with the camera though. Maybe your project got corrupted? The error seems to come from EditorApplication.Internal_CallGlobalEnventHandle, which is a non-managed method according to Unity's source code (https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/UnityCsReference/blob/master/Editor/Mono/EditorApplication.cs).

I'd recommend deleting the Temp, Obj and Library folders from your Unity project (make a backup first!) and let Unity rebuild the project.

Also, being unable to allocate memory usually means that you've run out of both RAM and probably Disk Space (since Windows use the disc to offload memory). Could this be the case? 


Hello Marti!

The problem at first occurred when editing a tween camera. Upon deleting the initial camera and creating a second one, the crash began to occur even when just selecting the camera.

I finally managed to delete the tween cameras in the scene before the crash could happen, and this resolved the issue. Since then I replaced the tweens with static cameras and added a longer time to switch between them. It has approximately the same effect anyway.

While the above problem is "fixed", I'm having separate issues with target cameras not staying married to their pivot and target as I'd expect. This could still be a misunderstanding or mishandling on my part, though I'm also unable to copy camera motor component values from the play state back into the editor state, so it's slow going.

I may try your solution if issues persist. Just about every Unity project I've worked with has at some point corrupted somehow, requiring either a deletion of the temporary files or a reversion to a backup -- and regardless of using GC or not. I'm also in the habit of restarting my system and Unity every four hours or so while working. It's complicated software. Oddities just creep in over time.

Very much appreciate your help!