Scriptable Action / Ingiter(Trigger) / Conditons

JOON 5 months ago in Behavior updated by CJWorkshop 5 days ago 2

Really Game Creator is very nice and cool module for making game. and I tried to make prototype of very beautiful idea to improve game creator's power

now I made Scriptable Action :) I wish it will be working well for my AI. It seems pretty cool and very working well with ordinaries such as triggers and behaviors...

I wish these "scriptable" items will be official methods in Game Creator 2.0. :) 

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Does this add a component onto the game object? That's a nice idea :-) If you want to share it, you can post it in the Game Creator Hub. Other developers are uploading their custom Actions, Conditions and Triggers so everyone can benefit from it.

And of course, the credit goes to you :-)

Was this ever uploaded or is there a work around to make a script run from an action?