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Incorrectly "Unequip trigger"?

Akeos 5 months ago in Inventory updated 5 months ago 1

HI. I need to understand something. For example: I have 2 equip slots, and UI element (health) is connected to one of them. With unequip trigger this UI becomes inactive when 1 slot becomes without equip.

BUT, this UI element also becomes inactive when I unequip the second slot.

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Oh i got it. All this time i thought that it's about equipment slot. So.. we need some triggers and conditions that connecting with equipments slots, i think =)

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Not a bug

I believe the problem is in the item definition. If you open the Preferences Window and go to the Inventory, you'll see that both items have the same type. Equipping one will unequip the other.

To allow to equip on multiple slots, you'll need to create two new Types (in the Types tab). For example: "Left Hand" and "Right Hand".

On the equippable slots, make one of them accept only "Left Hand" items and the other one "Right Hand" items.

Also, make sure to uncheck the "Fill all Types" checkbox. Otherwise, one item will occupy both the "Right Hand" and "Left Hand" slots (this is useful if you want to equip a two-hand weapon).

Hope this helps!