Calling condition on shoot

K-Side 5 months ago in Shooter updated 5 months ago 4

I'm trying to call a condition under the "On shoot" but when pressed, it lists nothing.

Doing so in an active game object works fine, afaik. 

Is this not an option? maybe due to scriptable object limitations? is there a work around for this?

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Depends on what you're doing. Without context is hard to tell. But from what you say, scene objects are not accessible from ScriptableObjects.

With this instance, I'm trying to make it so the character reload after emptying out the clip, without extra input. Like for the bow and arrow, to always have an arrow at the ready.

Though after looking a while, I can come close with just having a large clip, even if it takes out the reload animation of it.

I did ask in a more general question because I'm sure I'd want to do more with it if possible.

If you want to reload the weapon every time you fire it, you can use the On Shoot actions list from the Ammo asset and add a "Wait" action of around 0.1 seconds (so you're not on the same frame where the shooting happens) and call the Reload Weapon action

That worked, thanks.

Though, I was able to do this for the revolver/sniper via trigger on shoot, but it didn't apply for bows, for some reason.