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Allow use of variables on all value fields asset wide

Matthew Bockholt 6 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 1

Almost all value fields already do this, but allowing the use of variables for every value field on every action/condition/trigger increases the versatility of GameCreator exponentially for every field changed in this manner.

As mentioned, you already seem to do this pretty much all the time, but just making it a rule that is always followed on future actions/conditions/triggers would add a nice consistency.

Thus far, every time I run into a problem that requires a custom action, it has been because of this issue.

Examples of Actions that only allow static fields:
All Vector3 related Actions - none of them seem to let you set individual values of XYZ from variables

Random Value - min/max values are static fields

Wait - wait time is a static field

Examples of Triggers that only allow static fields:

On Player Stay Timeout - (duration is a static field)

All On Hold related Triggers - (hold durations are a static field)


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Under review

Unfortunately, this is a bit problematic to do, as it would break compatibility on current projects. The best course of action here would be creating another Action/Condition/Trigger with those new values.

I'll assess whether this can be done without breaking compatibility, but it seems unlikely.