I need to check "GameObject" in "BlackBoard" as null or not in "Behaviour" with "conditions"

JOON 5 months ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 1


I want to send "target" gameObject at scene into Behaviour by using blackboard. I am trying to let "invoke" character move to "target" object. and it is moving pretty well.

but, I want to check "target" is null or not before doing actions as condition. actually I need "not same" condition for checking GameObject in Local Variables Dictionary, but sadly I can use "compare gameObject" condition only, and it would activate when the "compare GameObject" condition is true (it means both gameObjects are same")

I think... at least I need "the checkbox" for "not same" condition.

is there any other way to check "local Variables" in blackboard?  

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The Blackboard variables are in fact, Local Variables. There's no difference between having a blackboard variable (let's say "my-blackboard-variable") and a Local Variable component onto your scene game object with a local variable named "my-local-var".

The way you access them is exactly the same: Use the Invoker option and type in the name of the variable.