can I integrate and use "Shooter" and "Melee" at same moment?

JOON 5 months ago in Melee updated by ryubi 4 months ago 3

sorry to make a lot of questions, but I am really excited Game Creator has infinitely opportunity to make better game with high efficiency.

It is simple question to use "Melee" & "shooter" package at same moment, for example Player hold pistol on right hand and hold knife or Scimitar like pirate captain. usually left mouse button will be used to fire pistol, and other button will be used to swing scimitar.

or maybe I can use sci-fi gun and shield at same moments, hold shield to defend against enemy's bullets. these two-handed melee and range attack patterns will be used action-adventure game especially when players are fighting against a lot of enemies and insane bosses.

is it possible? and is there any good way to use these at same moment?

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You can use both systems at the same time. You'll only have to control when a character is attacking, so that it can't shoot while doing so. Unless you want to allow that. In that case, you don't need to do anything.

I figured out how to get the camera and screen for the 2d beat em up like streets of rage, I just constricted movements with invisible(turn off mesh renderer) box colliders/planes. Later I may or may not do it with code by restricting movement with code. But as for now this gives me more freedom to have exactly the area I want playable in each. I have made camera presets for all the modes I want. However, I have one more problem. I would like to add two more buttons for attack, and a few for energy charging meters, a seperate button for firing energy (liek the fireballs) which could be used in conjunction to make more diverse combos. So how do you get multiple input in the combo system with different buttons. Not just the same button over and over with different directional pads.



Both were made with playmaker. I have both game creator and playmaker. If possible I will try using them together. But my real thing is I just want to be able to do a nice combo system like this in game creator

hey joon!

i have my character set up exactly how you describe.

initially i asked marti if its possible for the shooter to dual wield but unfortunately, it is not an option.

however, you can dual wield a shooter weapon and a melee weapon!

i don't know if GC designed it this way, but the shooter and melee have separate calls for draw shooter weapon and draw melee weapon as well as holster gun and sheathe sword.

so i have draw gun/holster gun mapped to the q button and draw sword and sheathe sword mapped to my e button. i also have the gun mapped to my left hand and sword mapped to my right hand. Also, i have the left mouse button for shooting the gun and the right mouse button for the sword attacks.

there are some complications with this setup that i can't figure out yet, especially the states.

and it's a pain in the ass because you have to flip all animations and such and the avatar masks causes problems, etc.

i almost gave up because of these problems, but i'm slowly plugging on!

But for an action game, you have to be able to do long range and melee range at the same time right!

good luck with your game!