visualscript can modify public variables in other script

JOON 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by markusrgb 3 months ago 2

I am using VRM custompackages to import 3d models made by Vroid studio. after importing models, it generated prefab object to use, I can use it well with Game Creator & it's modules. but I want to set some variables of VRM models especially facial emotion variables according to it's "health" or other "attribute" in Stats system.

Maybe I can make C# script to get it's health or other variables, then I can control VRM variables in C# scripts too. but I want to know it is possible or not to control public variables in other scripts with "trigger" and "actions"

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then I need to make script, it is ok for me :) thank you for your answer

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That's not possible at the moment. It's a long shot, but Duffer, a Game Creator user, created a few Actions that use C# reflection, which enables to do this. Not sure if these still work, but you can try it. You'll find the package here: https://hub.gamecreator.io/content/item/fywzMgZjVikV4VwrUB7y

No, unfortunately C# reflection no longer works after an update of the GameCreator.