How can I make a damage with "shooter" and "stats"?

JOON 5 months ago in Stats updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 5

Hello, I bought Game Creator to make action game such as TDS or TPS. and I am learning with Examples to combine both systems to make it pretty. before to make new topic, I searched similar topics to make damage with trigger such as "Receive a shot". maybe it is good solution for casual shooting game, but I want to set damage into weapons as attribute to show to player UI, and I want to make different damages according to the parts of bodies which take a hit.

of course, "Melee" system can use similar damage system like hardcore FPS games, if blade hit someone's neck or head. it can be "Headshot attack" with huge damages not like normal attack. 

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Add a Trigger "On Receive Attack" and use the Add Attribute to deal damage to the character. This Trigger will be executed every time the character receives hit.

hmmmm, can I use like "stats example with fireball aganst enemy"? in this example, the fireball has trigger and it can make damage into charactor.

In that case, make the Fireball emit a "NotifyDamage" Action and capture it using the Trigger "On Receive Damage"

Hi Marti, I'm looking for a solution to this as well, specifically the ability to apply a specific amount of damage per weapon. I don't see a "NotifyDamage" action, I just have NotifyShot, which doesn't have a spot for damage. Is this possible with the Stats module?

That's the Trigger. When using the NotifyShot, you can store the shooter character, who has a Stats component too. The damage applied can depend on the current strength of this character, which at the same time, is influenced by the weapon being carried. We'll cover this in more detail in the upcoming tutorial.