Only key check, no axis check.

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I found that the GC can only check ... whether the button is pressed, can not check the axis. This means ... can not check whether the LT and RT of the gamepad are pressed, as well as the arrow keys, right joystick ... Check. Hope that GC can add this feature, which is really important.

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I've written my own code to solve the problem.

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We use Unity's default Input system. Axis do not work like buttons, hence there's no "On Move Axis to Left" Trigger.  These values are continuous, not discreet, and are meant to be used to be read constantly. What's your use case for this feature request?

My gampad input needs this, hope to add this in the next version.


You don't need a Trigger to use it. Simply go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Input and you'll see you can change the input schema to suit your game.

I found that unity officially launched the input system. I suggest you increase your support for it. I hope you can support the input system in future versions. That's all. I hope you can make GC more and more easy to use.


I completed the inspection axis by modifying the source code of the GC and realized the trigger. The code has no problems and the operation is stable. The official version of the input system of Unity has been released. I hope you can fulfill your promise. I am working with unity2019.3.8.The package manager shows that the input system has been released.I hope you can support the input system in the next version.

Please, can you share on the hub your solution?

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Not sure if this is the same issue I was having, but here is a workaround to get your DPAD and Triggers available in Game Creator.