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shooter trigger unarmed/armed nothing in conditions

astraldesign303 5 months ago in Shooter updated 5 months ago 2


I just purchased most of your assets and i'm trying to get into your tutorials. I'm at step one of the shooter tutorial and I can't go anywhere. I'm adding a trigger and then the next step is to add is unarmed/ is armed. in the tutorial you just type like you would in visual studio and the action you need self populates. I'm trying this with nothing. what am i doing wrong? i've tried this on my two oldest versions of unity. 2019.3.2.f1 as well as 2019.3.7f1. help

Unity version:
Game Creator version:
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The officially supported version is 2018.4 LTS (long term stable). Unity 2019.3 is giving a lot of problems and wouldn't use it for anything but tests.

However, what you mention should be happening. Not sure I understand what the screenshots represent, but looks like you haven't finished installing Game Creator. Click onto the Import button and then, open the Module Manager to install the Shooter module.

Check out this video on how to install modules:

Once you've installed the Shooter module and the Shooter examples, you should be able to play the demo. I'm leaving this thread open, as I'm not sure this is the problem. if it's not, would you mind sharing a video?


That was it. I didn't use the module manager. Thanks for the help