Automatically skip lines after line is displayed

Voinescu Dan 5 months ago in Dialogue updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 3

Would it be possible to add an option in dialogue settings, that would enable automatic line change , without having  to click the mouse button?


Now , to progress through the dialogue , the player has to click every time it wants to see the next line. 

The idea is to not have to click after every line , but to have a timer , that can be set in dialogue settings, that will change to the next line when the timer value reaches zero. 

Something similar to the timer in choices , but for dialogue lines.

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Ow, I thought that was for the audio. Thank you for making it clear. That is super useful! 

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Each dialogue text has an option that says "Auto Play". Mark this and set how long you want the text to appear.

If you have a voice, you can attach the audio clip it and a button will appear that automatically extracts the duration of that clip and synchronizes it with the duration of the text.


I just tried it and it works!

Thank you for the fast response.