Looking for some general tips/best practices...

marjohloo 5 months ago in Game Creator 0

Hi, having a blast experimenting with GameCreator and note that I'm also pretty new to unity too, after some general tips...

1. For simple things, like rotating clouds while the game is in play I don't see how to do that with GC but it is pretty simple, 1 line of code in Unity. Do you GC users tend to use mixture of Unity code / GC for this sort of thing or do you try to stick to one method or the other?

2. I've attached, in the heirarchy, my player input triggers and various action to the payer GameObject (as shown below). Looking ahead I'm thinking to make the Player a prefab (hence with the control scheme) to potentially add to additional scenes later. Is this a sensible approach, if not how do others organise their triggers/actions for reuse? And is it sensible to do the same for characters?

3. Does anyone have any other tips to share to make life easier in the long run?

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