Raycast Length Distance changeable on Trigger

Phazorknight 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 3 months ago 2

Hey everyone,

I just got Game Creator and I'm currently exploring its possibilities. Like how easy and logical to use it is.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to add an option to set the raycast length for the Triggers/Actions that use raycasts?

For example, the Hotspot Cursor option is really nice, but in Firstperson Camera / Adventure camera, this changes the cursor even if my Player Character is on the other end of the Scene.

Similar would be great for the On Cursor Raycast Trigger, to limit the range.

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Add this option to the Hotspot, although interesting, it would require to either keep track of the Player's position every frame (which would add some overhead) or use the Physics to know when the player has gotten inside the boundaries of the Trigger.

This second option is not possible because that would disrupt any other Triggers set on the same game object. We already have a ticket open to find a possible work around, but it's not a top priority. Just know that it's on our backlog :-)


I know it's been a while, just wanted to follow up that I was able to program my own MouseManager to work with GameCreator Triggers/Actions.
Works well with Game Creators first person camera, with a simple custom layer/tag system and setable raycast length, and is scripted to invoke the Game Creator Trigger on whatever gameobject you point it at.