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Einar 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 5 months ago 2

Hi, I'm experimenting with my new purchase, and wondered if you have any tips for how to set up actions controlled by mouse drag. For example opening of a drawer, or rotating an object you are looking at, reacting to both direction and speed of mouse movement. Is this kind of continous input/feedback feasable with Character Creator? If yes, please point me in the right direction. If no, I'll just handle it with my own scripts, and use CC for the rest.

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Physics interactions like those are quire difficult to do in a generic way that supports all major platform (something that works both on mobile, using a mouse and using a console controller). So currently there's no way of doing this. However, if you're going to create a custom script for that, I'd recommend maybe also using a custom Trigger. That way you can reuse it and take advantage of Game Creator's API.


Thanks! I've experimented a bit, and for the time being I can handle all mouse input drag detection with the standard Game Creator triggers (On Mouse Down, While Mouse Down and On Mouse Up) and a single global variable to store the current mouse raycast hit. Then I can simply convert the mouse drag movement to object rotation in a custom action from the While Mouse Down trigger. Suits my prototyping needs just fine!