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aileigh37 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 1

This is a broad question, though I didn't notice it existing yet. I am using one other tool, the space shooting kit from the asset store. I want to have scenes of dialog and cinematics I make with game creator, and make use of the inventory and other variables throughout the game. If I have scene A as a cinematic game creator scene where I pick up a potion, then go to the space shooter mode (Scene B) where Game Creator is not needed, and finally load Scene C, what do I use as a bridge to retain variables and inventory from scene to scene? If I don't have a player character, for example, and I use a different controller, Im not sure how the system works.

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Game Creator uses something called "lazy loading". This means that, if you don't use the Inventory module on a scene, it won't load until you need it. So even if in a scene you don't use it, you don't have to worry about porting the items to he third scene. They will still be carried.

If you use a different controller than Game Creator's, remember to add the HookPlayer component to whatever object is the Player. This will inform Game Creator that there's no "Player Character", but that this object should be treated as the player.

Answering your question more precisely, let's set an example: In sceneA you use the Item action to add a potion to the Player's Inventory. You load sceneB where there's nothing related to Game Creator. After that, you load sceneC where you open the Inventory. The potion added in sceneA will still be there.

Hope this helps!