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Can't create a new behavior

aileigh37 5 months ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 5

I have been using Game Creator without any problems and love it. I bought all the modules with it and am just now trying to create a new Behavior. However, that option is NOT available to me. I have installed it, and I installed its demos. I ran the demos and they seem to work. When right-click in the Hierarchy tab and try to add a new behavior, the option just isn't there. I'm using unity 2019.2.2f for this project and did not want to upgrade if at all possible, considering my version should be supported.

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Not a bug

Hi Aileigh;

Thank you for your kind words :-) The Behavior Graphs are not created in the Hierarchy Panel (those live in the scene), but in the Project panel. That way, you can share the same behavior with multiple objects, even if they are in different scenes.

To link a Behavior Graph with a character/object from a scene, simply add the Behavior component, and drag and drop the Behavior Graph asset from the Project panel to the corresponding field.

If that's not what you're experiencing, feel free to reopen this thread and provide us with some screenshots with what you expect things to be. Cheers!

Im having the same problem, the Behavior option is not showing, i have followed the one on the video, but still have no luck. im using Unity 2019.3.8f1 version. i have tried creating a new scene and importing everything on it. but no luck.

Help please, & thank you.

The Behavior is a component attached to a game object. That doesn't show up? Can you make sure the Behavior module has been installed? Check the Module Manager.

As for Behavior Graph, does that appear? Should be right clicking on the Project Panel -> Create -> Game Creator -> Behavior Graph.

Hello, I manage to bring up the Behavior, by module Manager. Thank you.

But its giving me error message once imported: " SerializedObjectNotCreatableException: Object at index 0 is null"

Should I be worrying about this or just ignore it?

Thank you.

If that's the whole error, I think it's an exception thrown by Unity and shouldn't have any further consequences. Restarting Unity will restart the Editor and this should not appear any more.

If you get the error but have a stack trace below, then feel free to post it here and we'll take a look.