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Prevent steering whilst in jump?

marjohloo 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 5 months ago 4

Using directional controls WASD and Adventure Camera, is there are way to stop the player steering/strafing whilst in the air but preserving forward motion?

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I'm afraid there's no way to take control of the player when moving in the air. I haven't seen many games using this option, since makes the game feel les responsive, so I decided to to implement it. However, I'll assess whether it makes sense in a future update.

I don't think I expressed my question quite right, I don't want to exert programming control when in the air, but block (some) user control. So if in the air with adventure game moving the mouse left and right rotates the camera/player and thus changes movement direction. I figured out I can block this by enabling/disabling mouse orrbit adventure cam setting from on land and on jump triggers, so this part is answered.

However I also want to prevent the user strafing while in the air, will experiment further.

I'm not wedded to adventure cam so will look at others but I am wedded to a third person view.

Yeah, I didn't mean to exert programming control, but user control. That at the present, is not possible. You could try setting the "Is Controllable" property from the Player (use the Character Property action). However, I believe this will make the character's forward momentum stop in mid-air.

Yes I tried Is Controllable earlier and forward momentum stopped when in the air. I have reduced it by disabling rotation as described above but I think it is something worth considering for a "realistic" jump where the player can't affect direction once in the air as compared to a "platformer" jump where they can.

In any case I'm having fun experimenting with your system and thanks for the help you have provided so far.