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Dialogue Module - requested features

Jay Bacal 5 months ago in Dialogue updated by Voinescu Dan 5 months ago 2

1) I would really value "copy and paste" functionality for text lines, choice groups and choices.

2) If all choices in a choice group have been shown and subsequently hidden (because the "show once" boxes are checked), I would like to be to jump directly to the next text line in the Dialogue and not display the text in the choice group again.

3) I would like to be able to print the value of a variable in a text line.



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Under review

Thanks! These are worth thinking on. I'm opening a ticket and I'll do research on how feasible it is to implement them. The third point is already under development. Cheers!

The copy paste for lines is a necessary thing. Another problem is when you want to replicate the actions of a line  on another line. Currently you do it one by one for each action , and if you have multiple actions it becomes a chore.