Smooth follow for my companion

VictorSB 5 months ago in Behavior updated 5 months ago 2

Hello everyone.

I have created my very simple first behavior for the companion in my game, I am successfully using the follow action but no matter the values I use in either update (every frame or freq) or the follow radius, the behavior is quite "jumpy". How could I make smooth out that follow behavior?

Thank you

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Do not make him/her follow you every frame. Simply tell it to follow you once and the companion will follow that order until you cancel it (using the Stop Follow option in the Follow Character Action).

Also, make sure the min and max distances have some units between them. Otherwise, the character will start and stop following you as soon as the player moves a tiny bit.

Understood, so the behavior, should only start the follow not calling on every loop! got it , thanks!