Footage of My open world graphic-novel

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First I want to thank Marti for his consistent effort and support, very good! Second I share Here My first early footage of my artgame / videogame, exploration narrative graphic-novel. The game concentrates on place, moments, atmosphere & discovering it's characters and stories. I have this clear concept of an book of which all chapters have fallen apart, like splattered pages in an 2d/3d environment.

 It is an seamless open world with no clear start or ending. An true walking simulator. No save games, glitchy as hell, no real world rules. I have no idea where this project is heading. Under development could be an Egypt location, the moon? I have no Idea what stories will guide You there, but You I know You at least meet God in person. 

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

i really like the look of it, surreal and abstract. let us know if we can play it any time.

that is nice to read, will not release anything huge soon. Mayby an small area to get to know some characters. 



Looks really nice!