Is there a simple way of changing the tint on a default character?

Jeff 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 7
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Amazing customer service.  Thank you so much!

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Depends really on your character, but you can easily change the material using the Change Material action. Also, I believe there's the Color Action to change a Material parameter. Hope this is what you're asking. Cheers!

Sorry if I was unclear.  I am prototyping, and need the default Character model from GC (before I change to a custom model),  to have different colors as a way of discerning their function in the game - enemy, helper, player, so forth. As I understand it, you are suggesting I use an Action to do this, but will that only change the player color at runtime, or will the color change persists whilst I am editing? I would like each character type to be obvious whilst I am editing, and not just in play mode.

Hi Jeff, you weren't rude. Sorry if my answer was too short, but I'm receiving +30 questions each day and sometimes I tend to read too fast.

When using the Action "Change Material" it will only affect the material instance of the object, not the shared one.

However I understand that you want to identify each character in the Editor with a different color, similarly to this WebGL demo (where each character has a different color). You can easily do that by creating a new Material (Right click on Project Panel -> Create -> Material) and assign a name and color you want. Then, in the Character of the scene you want to edit, expand the game object in the Hierarchy Panel and until you see the the game object Joints and Body.

Assign the material to the Material field either (or both) of these objects to change the color appearance of the model.

Hope this helps!

Thanks!  I created a material, Copied the Material Properties, then pasted the material properties on the Character Materials.  It seemed to work. Otherwise, most of the field was greyed out and I could not edit. I'm hoping the color persists.

Nope.  Didn't work.  ALL characters, including my player change color when I do it that way.  By the way, the way you suggested is how I initially tried to do it, but the greyed out field prevents me from changing the material any way but the way I told you.

What DID work was simply dragging the material onto the characters in the scene.  I made prefabs from that character and the color persisted. The simplest things can sometimes hang me up! Ugh.

Happy to hear you solved it. One other thing though. The options are greyed out because that's the settings for the default material. To change it, expand the option under Skinned Mesh Renderer and drag and drop the material to the "Material" field.

As for the action, we'll open a ticket and see if there's a problem