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Removing Equipment in the Inventory on a button press

IndieGameHustle 5 months ago in Inventory updated 5 months ago 2


I am trying to make the menu support controller movement and I am having a few issues. When I click on the inventory with the the joystick button it adds it to the equipped item space however if I try to navigate to the Head Slot, Right and Left Slots it does not work with button input to remove the equipped item.

I added a button component to the slot but and tried to trigger to unequipped but it still seems to not work.

Is there a way you could make those slots selectable and able to remove also on a button press just like the mouse pointer ?

I hope that makes sense.


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The solution you mention to add a Button on the Slot should work. I'll open a ticket to have a look at it :-) Problem is that I released a new version of the Inventory today, so it might take a while till the next. I circle back if I get some time to quickly fix this issue!

Ok Thank you. I will keep a eye out for it.