Move Character Action turn animation timing

Jay Bacal 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Tvisvarson 5 months ago 4

Is there a way to control when the turn/rotate character  animation begins?  Currently the character rotates fully to the marker position before it finishes moving.  This causes the Character to appear to be sliding.

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The kinematic movement and the animation movement is decoupled, so there's no way of handling this without modifying how parameters are sent to the Animator. You can try modifying them in the CharacterAnimator component script, but I would advice against it.

Is there not perhaps a way to add an angular speed parameter for the turn/rotation at the end of the move to the marker position?  Or a way to extend the length of the running animation so that it continues through the turning?

I believe that not. The way the Move Character works is by having a "slowing" phase when approaching the target. When the character is "near" it it starts rotating towards the destination using the character's Angular Speed property. The higher the value, the faster it will turn.

But we don't expose this value, since it's too specific. We'll assess whether it makes sense to allow modifying, even if it's using a custom Action from the Hub, but it's not really something that's high on the roadmap.


if you lower the treshold in the animator Base Layer>Movement>Grounded - Walk to 0.1 it should work. had no problems so far.