Move to problem the > - < have to delete minus before Position is set right?

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Only If I take the ''Minus''   away in the added Action > Move > game object . Only without the minus the object will go into the air. This gameobject's position says in editor  -83.2 but during play using this position data the gameobject will move into the ground. When in the Game Creator Move tool I take away the minus and keep 83.2 the object will indeed go up in the sky.

But then the range of meters it will go up will be different as well! What is going on?

As You can See below I took away the minus - and somehow the gameobject indeed moves upward as it should. But now the distance it travels is calculated different on thesame position data?

Ok I Animate Prefabs! Still thesame problem.. See the difference below, STill objects decide to animate themselves to wrong strange positions. when adding their data in the Move function added in the action set. 

1: Gameobject in left, see it's position!

2: Gameobject on the right, same height but other position height?? Why?? Still not working!

UPDATE: Problems still there, I have no control over the movement of game objects. Don't know what is wrong with the position data of these game objects!


When using the Move Transform action, you're setting as the target the object Cybercar1, plus a distance offset.

I believe that what you want to do is to set the destination as a global position. In that case, change the "Move To" field dropdown into "Position" (insetad of Transform" and type in the value if the desired position.

The Transform option is only used when you want an object to move to another object's position.

global and local plus Position all  make no difference. Tried this all multiple times. But Will try one last time, otherwise I lose precious time in the project. Wanted to use rotations and heigt animation. With markers I can animate straight lines, but not use rotation and up and down.