How active hotspot ?

JuliaK 6 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 2

J'ai une sphère. Je mets un déclencheur: sur le clic gauche de la souris. J'ai mis un hotspot sur ma sphère avec une texture pour le curseur. Mais rien ne se passe. Le curseur ne change pas lorsque je clique sur la sphère.

Quelles sont les étapes pour activer un hospot?


I have a sphere. I put a Trigger: set to On Left Mouse Click I put a Hotspot on my sphere with a texture for the cursor. But nothing is happening. The cursor does not change when I click on the sphere.

What are the steps to activate a hospot?

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Its good. I changed the texture of the cursor and it works. With the red cursor, it didn't appear and I don't know why.


Hi Julia;

I've edited your question and added the translation below to other users can benefit from the answer. First of all, the Hotspot will change the texture of your cursor when hovering the object, not when clicking it. These are used to indicate that something is interactable.

On the other hand, cursor textures must be set to Cursor in the Texture Inspector. Otherwise it will just send you a warning message. With all these, the cursor should correctly change.

Hope this helps!