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Just picked this up and after watching the video's I was able to take an idea I had been trying to get started with to create some sort of working prototype for months using a number of different assets thinking by "adding this" or "changing" to that I could "Do this".  

I never bothered with asset's like this before being a coder. I was confident with my smug "I don't need an asset that does code." attitude.    

This should be called "Game Changer".   It brings to life your idea's so fast you get it going you just need to add your flare and polish.  I have been using it now for a few hours and had to get the addons as everything just makes so much sence.

Great job with this.  I hope it becomes a staple tool for Unity.  I really can't believe I was doing things from scratch everytime with assets to patch in things here and there.

Game Creater to Game Developer.....thank you.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:
1.1.6 - Patch

I think that was the goal of Marti to make making games easier and fun.

You have now just made Marti’s day. He’s going to be super happy reading your comment.


Thank you so much ErrorCode! Definitely made my day brighter reading this :-) Thank you guys for being an awesome community. Got my fuel pumping to work on a new feature for the Inventory module!