How open a door ?

JuliaK 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 5 months ago 2

I tried to do the tutorial on the trunk and apply it on the opening of a door. But it does not work. With animator, I have the game object but not the possibility of putting the controller animator of the door there.

Could you explain to me how to allow a player to open a door.

I just bought game creator but we really lack clear tutorials to perform simple actions.

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Check out the Game Creator examples. You'll find it opening the Module Manager and clicking on the "Enable" button. If you open the Example1 scene, you'll see that there's a big door blocking the path. There's a Trigger on its side that clicking it, opens the door.

Alternatively, you can play the WebGL demo, which is the same as the one provided with Game Creator. In fact, when playing, you'll see there are some images popping that show how to code this using Game Creator's visual scripting.

We are aware that Game Creator lacks basic tutorials. We're working on improving our platform and facilitate how  users can find and learn the basics faster.