dual wielding for shooter module

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dual pistols pls.

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Now without kidding. Using a weapon or two is exactly the same. The only difference is that you have to instantiate another pistol model on the character's offhand. So it should already be possible


yea but that is only cosmetic no? the draw weapon, weapon shoot etc only applies to the main weapon? it's a bummer because i really like the modules in gc but my player relies heavily on dual wielding. i'll probably use another controller for the character and use gc for enemies. if you decide to implement this on an update, the left and right hands should be independent, ie left draw, left aim left shoot, etc. i'm obviously not a coder but if there's an easy way to implement this pls let me know! i just need actions for left draw, right draw, left holster, right holster, left aim, right aim, left shoot, right shoot. oh and conditions for left armed and right armed.

this can also be implemented for the melee for sword/shield, dual sword etc.


Under review

I'll open a ticket and assess this. No promises, but there might be a way to do this, although it will take time. What worries me is that allowing dual-wielding makes the system need to take into account a lot of new things, which will make it more cumbersome to do. This would also increase the complexity when using the Melee module together with the Inventory.


Just out of curiosity is there any verdict on the Dual Wielding situation?

I'm looking into developing a 3rd Party Module for this, but if there is already major progress from the original publisher, than I'd rather hold out and wait.

I do not have any plans to change the current behavior. However, bear in mind that dual wielding is currently "supported" using animations that look like the character is wielding two weapons at a time, and creating another model on the other hand.

I have a ticket to add a supporting model to another bone to make things easier.

However, if you refer to dual wielding as for equipping any two separate weapons on each hand, be my guest :-)


hey navarro, ill gladly buy the dual wield module if you have any plans for it. 

If you are developing, the states should also reflect left wield right wield or dual wield. Thx!


I've got a few Ideas on how to make it work, but the real challenge is to accomplish this without touching the Native GC code.

I'm going to be doing some trial and error on it this week.  No promises, but if something starts working, I'll let you know and officially start developing a Dual Wield Mod.  

Marti's solution above is a great work around for the time being, you're limited to having one ammo type, but you can double the fire rate on the weapon asset with the dual wield animations.  That way it's more than just cosmetic.

Just updating anyone following, it's totally possible, I'm hoping to be dual wielding by tonight, and releasing the Module soon.

If I run into any set backs I'll update this thread.


does this apply to both shooter and melee?

and a combination of either?


Hello everyone.  The shooter Dual Wield Module Beta is Done and works great.  Even has a UI display for the Left weapon.

I have to make a website, and become a unity publisher and all that Jazz, but I'll be doing that today, and hopefully getting the asset up tomorrow.  I'll post the link here when it's up.  I've never published an asset before so idk if there is some kind of wait period or anything like that.

As of now it is just for the Shooter Module.  However my next project will be Dual Wield Melee (WAAAAY more animations)


Awesome congrats! I've watched the video and looks very nice!


Hey thanks a bunch!  It wasn't easy, and obviously not done yet, but I'm going to polish it up nice before the full release.  I've got so many ideas for actions I want to add to this module.

I sent a Copy of the Beta version to support@catsoft-studios.com , 

If you have any free time or desire, could you take a look at the part in My video where I have to make that minor Code change to the CharacterShooter.cs and let me know if you know any workaround or solution to this without adjusting GC native code?  I would greatly appreciate it.


It's polished and ready, no code changes required :) 

Let me know what you think

Navarro, this is insanely cool, please say you have a melee version coming? Namely unarmed combat for all limbs even :) Stellar work here. Is it on the store yet?


Hello!  Thank you so much for commenting.  Right now I am actively trying to get it on the asset store.

There are some odd Decline Reasons due to my key images lol.  I guess my twin gunned cat doesn't describe my asset well enough haha.

As soon as all my ducks are in a row, and I have this on the store, I'm sending a Code to Catsoft studios to download and try, once Catsoft is cool with it, I'll make it public.

But Yes, Melee is on my todo list, and if this asset gets approved, it will just be released in a future update, not as a separate asset, so you won't have to buy 2 assets to get both, I figure dual wielding is dual wielding.

Here's my list if you're interested 

Get approved by unity

Get approved by CatSoft

Crouch/Aim System  (Trying to make this as simple as possible)

CoverFire, and HipShot  (HipShot is already working, I just need to get the Crouching to look right for Coverfire)

Dual Melee (No promises, but I do have a few ideas, and I am going to put the effort in, so fingers crossed.)