Top Down Shooter Aim Precision and Body Rotation

Dany 7 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 3

Hi, I have a slight issue with the shooter in top down mode. If I set the body rotation to zero, I cant seem to hit precisely on my raycast point (cyan gizmo). But when i rotate it a bit, it can hit it precisely, but the  visual is looking bad. Is there any way to just rotate the aiming and not the body ? 

And another question, can we set the raycast for the top down shooter to also check for enemy collider ? I tried to shoot the other character, but the bullet just went through his backside because my cursor is actually raycasting the ground point behind it.

Thanks, by the way, this is tools is so great and intuitive. I really love playing and tweaking it.

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Fast and accurate solution. 

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Hi Dany;

Not sure how you're getting that cyan gizmo, but I'll try to answer your question. if this doesn't resolve the issue, could you give us some more details on how you're doing the aiming?

So the idea is that you can change how the character's aim works in two ways: One is the one that you mention, which is changing the Lower Body or Upper Body rotation, which affect the 3D model's rotation. However, you may also change the Muzzle Component attached to the weapon. This is the direction in which bullets are shot from.

As for shooting, I believe that what you have set the Aiming mode to "Aim At Cursor". This mode raycasts a line from the camera's cursor and the player tries to shoot where the raycast hit points to. This has the advantage that the player can shoot an enemies on levels that are above or lower than him/her.

There's another mode called Ground Plane. This is basically the same, but the intersection of the raycast is in a plane at the Player's level. This means that bullets are always shot straight towards the horizon of the player.



Hi Marti, 

That really solve everything, turns out I'm using the "Aim Top Down Plane" mode. changing it to "Aim at Target" and put my cyan gizmo ( raycast hit point of ScreenpointToRay ) as the target makes everything work as I wanted. Thank you so much for fast replying.

PS: I don't see "Aim At Cursor" mode in the aim action tho, is that perhaps a new update for the shooter module ?


Hi Dany;

Sorry I misspelled the name. By Aim at Cursor I meant "Aim and Ground Plane", which basically shoots forward. You say you've already fixed the issue, but I'm leaving here the list of aiming modes in case anyone needs it: https://docs.gamecreator.io/shooter/shooter/interaction#aiming