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Unity Crashes when character receives a melee hit

Alieu Cole 5 months ago in Melee updated 5 months ago 4

Hi! I'm currently getting this error when I try to create a new melee clip and unity crashes to desktop every time a character receives a hit either from the player or from other characters. Any help would be appreciated! 

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

I've already tried reinstalling game creator and the melee module but that didn't helped resolve the problem. 

Figured out (at least for me) that having update mode on the animator for the character set to "Animate physics" instead of "normal" was causing the CTD when character received melee hit. 

Not Reproducible

Not sure that's the issue, but this error seems to be coming from Unity, not Game Creator. More precisely, the error comes from trying to save an object as a prefab (an operation done at the Editor, not at runtime). I'm closing this issue.

If you encounter it again and can provide steps to reproduce it, please let us know :-)

ProjectITAV - Example - PC, Mac & Linux Sta....mp4 

video of the bug happening on my end incase anyone else encounters it :)