Game Pads and other support modules - any soon ?

OZAV 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 1

Hello, currently have purchased the Creator, Shooter, Melee, and Behavior modules. Developing game in the style of GTA 5 and Just Cause, so: i have a few questions how soon any of this is coming:

-Is the Game Pads input support module coming any soon ? ((to be dev's made module, not third party of course)

-Driveable vehicles / boats / aircraft modules coming any soon ? (to be dev's made, not third party of course so we can just change models, we would pay for another such module gladly, as everyone else)

-Water and water interactions (player swim on top, and the dive below ability, or run into water with vehicles - a lot of fun :) ?

-RFPS integration module any soon ?

This will be be great to see on the road map and to buy each, and to get the dev's answers about it --- as we will be relying to the excellent Game Creator tool - for our productions and integrations, currently and in the future.

Our congrats to the team - for bringing a simple and stable game production tool to the Store, and wish you a lot of further (community) success. MichaelMV & team, Oztronix Studios.

Unity version:
2017.4.7 LTS, 2018, 2019+
Game Creator version:
Current - Apr 2020

Hi Michael;

Thank you for your words, really appreciate them :-)

Not sure if by Game Pads you refer to the new Input System by Unity. This is something we're looking into it, but not sure if it will make it for the current major version of Game Creator. The new one is still under heavy development and still has some issues. We prefer to stick to stable features for the meantime.

Vehicles is somewhat supported. Check out this video for more information:

Water interaction is something we're looking into for the Traversal module. We have a bunch of "parkour" maneuvers we want to add, but we're not sure whether swimming makes sense in this. Food for thought, but we can't give a definitely answer. What we can say is that it's definitely something being actively discussed.

Not sure what the R in RFPS stands for (the game community surely likes acronyms :-D), but you can already create FPS games with Game Creator. To create a first person view, simply change the camera motor to First Person. Shooting is also supported in the Shooter module (see the demo provided in the Shooter examples: https://demos.gamecreator.io/demo/shooter).

Hope this answers you questions. Let us know if you have more. Cheers!