Camera Jitter in Follow Mode

Jeff 6 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 4

It is a big problem that the follow camera is so jittery.  No matter what I do, it is like that. I am using ProBuilder and Game Creator with the stock player object. I have not adjusted any settings, just put it all together as in the documentation. What should I do?  I can always write my own script for camera follow, as I have done that before, but I thought I could save time with this product.  

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Jeff, I've seen this happen too when my player character stands on a sphere, the camera bobs in and then back out, rather quickly. It seems like the camera is too close to the player, so I am assuming it is clipping into the mesh the player is on and then bobbing back out. Probably by changing the offset so that the camera is further behind the player would fix this.

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Can you send a video showing what the current configuration looks like? A jittering camera usually happens when the Camera motor and/or the Main Camera are child of a moving object (the player or anything else). Could you make sure that both the motor and the main camera are at the root level of the scene?

If this does not fix the issue, it would greatly help a video showing the problem. Thanks!

Hi Marti,

The problem was resolved when I  removed a ProBuilder building I had created poorly.  The follow camera works fine now.  It was NOT a Game Creator issue at all.  I tried to send Zac a reply. but I had not put my invoice number into the forums store yet, so I guess it didn't send.  Thank you!


Thanks for circling back! Not sure what could have gone wrong with the ProBuilder. If you happen to see this problem again let us know :-) Cheers!