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Shake burst triggered by ammo on fire is depending on hit location instead of player position.

Vlastan 5 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 2

This doesn't feel right, as if the shot is fired farther than projectile distance, or out of scene bounds, the shake is not riggered.

Set origin checkbox doesn't do any difference.

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I'm opening a ticket. At the moment I don't have the Shooter to test this out, but definitely, the origin of the shake should come from the Muzzle and not the impact point. I'll get back when I work on this!

By Design

After evaluating this, I think the current behavior is the correct one. Depending on the weapon, you might want to make the shake come from the point of impact (for example, a bazooka).

The Shake usually happens when the Player shoots its weapon, and you can simply uncheck the "Origin" checkbox so that the shake doesn't depend on where the impact hits, but acts as a global effect.

If you still want to make the shake effect happen on every (or other) weapons based on the origin of the muzzle, you can add a "Trigger" component onto the weapon prefab and detect when the weapon is fired. Use an Action to Shake the camera and make the origin be the object itself. This will make the camera shake based on the distance of the weapon to the camera.

Hope this helps!