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Mouse not responding after click in Dialogue choice menu during FPS mode game

contact 5 months ago in Dialogue updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 6

I have en Dialogue setup for My FPS adventure novel. When I hit an trigger the Dialogue pops up. The first few lines are without choices and are save with mouse to click trough.

However when the choice list of dialogue appears the following happens:

- You Can Hover with mouse pointer over the choices, or use the Arrow keys.

- But when clicked outside the tekst areas the mouse freezes and also the option to select an dialogue texst by Keys. 

This problem really needs to be solved. my FPS interaction depends on realtime movement towards the characters during the dialogue. You can walk away from every conversation at every moment.

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Not sure I understand the issue. Clicking outside the bounds of the text displaying the Dialogue freezes the game? This doesn't appear to be an issue with the Dialogue, but somewhere else.

Can you try reproducing this in an empty scene, where you just have a single Dialogue component? And check if it works there. If it does, the problem may be because you're executing another Trigger when clicking outside the dialogue text.

If you can provide some screenshots or a short video showcasing this, it will help us narrow down the issue.

FPS mode, works fine during whole issue.

Dialogue works fine until you can answer with multiple choices. Because you need to click specific answer. Only then when mouse clicks "outside" the choice buttons somehow dialogue is disconnected from mouse pointer to recognize clickable dialogue functions. 

But. If you click only within the dialogue choice area clicking the actual answers, and from start this function works fine, then nothing is wrong. in this function when clicking outside then pointer seems get disconnected from dialogue. 

Fps still worls fine, but with dialogue stuck on screen.

But I'm not sure I follow when you say the Dialogue is disconnected from mouse pointers. Does it disappear? It doesn't react to mouse clicks? It freezes the game? Can you still do other things?

A video or screenshots of the problem would greatly help us narrow down the issue

Best way to show the issue. It only occors at the moment You have to interact in dialogue by choosing an sentence. If You then click outside the clickable answer (not clicking text) area the mouse pointer cancels interaction with dialogue. FPS and dialogue work both at thesame time.

Hi Alle;

Thank you for explaining these with these drawings. I understand what you mean, but I can't reproduce this problem. So, in order for us to narrow down where the problem might be, we need you to send us screenshots of your project configuration. Otherwise it's impossible for us to help you.