Switch between two first person camera motors

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Can you have two Camera Motors in one scene set to First Person Camera mode and toggle between a Player Character component and a Character component?

I can't seem to get camera motors (while in First Person mode) to correctly focus on separate characters.

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Thanks again for the answers!

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give an example of what you are wanting to do. Do you want to switch between player first person to see in first person what another character is doing or do you want to switch to that other character and control it from there?

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I'll wait for the answer before answering, since I was going to ask the same as Eagleeyez

Not sure what happened to my previous response but here's what I'm attempting to do:

Two separate game objects, both have the Player Character component added to them. One is a vehicle, the other is the player on foot. 

Camera motor is set to First Person. Regardless of how many camera motors I have in the scene, if they are all set to First Person perspective, there isn't an option to tell the camera or motor which Player Character component to work for. 

The player character is in first person, and mounts the vehicle which is also in first person view. If an option were added for what game object or which character was to be focused on per camera motor (within the first person mode), that would certainly work


That may be it: There can only be one Player Character component in a scene. Otherwise, Game Creator will get confused.

If you want to have multiple playable characters, you need to do some magic: Imagine you have two Characters: Alice and Bob. Alice has the Player Character and Bob has a Character component.

If you want to transfer the control from Alice to Bob, you can swap their 3D models using the Change Model action. Now Alice will have Bob's model and Bob will have Alice's model.

You can also interchange their positions using this Action from the Hub: https://hub.gamecreator.io/content/item/0UDDjWDB41xwfIiQKP9H. It swaps the position between two characters.

Hope this helps!