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I have problems getting the final issue out of the way!! Somehow I cannot manage to make the Dialogue abruptly stop when the player leaves trigger box 2 ''OnPLayer Exit'' Which an action reffering to the Dialogue of this setup to immediately stop this action. It looks like the action itself is mayby cancelled but the dialogue was already activated before, so it will stay active even when leaving trigger 2 ?

Everything else works fine, from infinite walking cycle of the character between it's markers & walking into the character to start dialogue, even the walk away feauture which makes the character return to its walk cycle works! But I cannot find a way to abrupt stop the dialogue when walking away leaving trigger box 2.

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This is an interesting idea. There's currently no way to cancel a Dialogue from running once it has started. However, I believe it's possible to add it. I'm opening a ticket to add this feature on the next release.


I'm closing this ticket, as we've taken a look at this issue and we found a way to stop a Dialogue mid conversation. All you have to do is call the new "Stop Dialogue" action whenever you want.

This update will most likely be available between next Monday or Tuesday. If after updating, you experience any issues, feel free to reopen this thread.


Wow! That is an great update. Looking forward using it. Thanks for investing time and energy in this. I will use it a lot to keep controls minimal and interaction with the world fluid and open, like the visual novel concept I have in mind.