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I want to put the mouse sensitivity setting in the main menu. I tried to do at vector2 but I couldn't.

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Game Creator uses different mouse sensitivity settings for each sub-system. For example, the FPS camera motor has its own sensitivity settings and the Adventure camera its own.

It's not recommended that you have a general value applied to all sensitivity values. Can you further elaborate what you mean when you say "I tried to do at Vector2 but I couldn't"?

I want to adjust this setting from the main menu.
I thought of using variables to do this. But I couldn't find anything to change the value of vector 2.



I've tried reproducing the steps, since it should work with what you have. However I noticed there currently isn't a way to show a Slider and sync it with a Vector2 variable, only with a Number variable.

I'm opening a ticket to add a new Slider component under the Game Creator/UI category so you can sync two sliders with a Vector2 variable (as well as a Vector3).

I'll update this when it's being addressed


Hi! I'm closing this thread since the issue has already been addressed. The upcoming Game Creator version comes with a new UI component called "Slider Vector". It works very similar to the Slider UI component, bu this one allows to synchronize Vector2 and Vector3 Local/Global/List Variables.